After a split 7" with Kevin K (NY) and a 8 tracks CDEP/10'' called "What's your definition of Undergound ?", the Neurotic Swingers release their album "Artrats" on Lollipop, Myrmecoleo Records (Japan) & Demolition Derby. They toured Europe by September 2004.

The US record-label Dead Beat released a compilation : 4 tracks from "What's your definition of underground ?" (out of print), 5 tracks from "Artrats" & 4 new tracks (recorded in March 2004) + 1 video. Title : French Fries, Guillotine & Love.

The band toured Canada & US north-east coast in October 2004, England in March and Germany in April 2005.

The japanese record-label Revel Yell ( are putting out a limited edition of "French fries, guillotine & kamikaze love" on July 2005.

The 12 new songs (13 on the vinyl on Demolition Derby) have been recorded in the Forces Motrices Studios by David Weber. The band will tour France & Spain by february, Europe by May and Japan by June 2006